Gentle Slow Flow

Gentle stretching and strengthening. Expect a relaxing practice and gentle breath work. Suitable for beginners and those seeking a calm, meditative flow. Tuesday & Thursday, 7 pm. 

Tuesday and Thursday 7 pm


Stretch & Strengthen

A dynamic, energizing class for beginners to intermediates. Expect strong physical engagement, breath work, and somatic meditative focus. Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30 pm


Monday & Wednesdays 5:30 pm


A gentle introduction to yoga for men with a focus on easing stiff muscles, enhancing flexibility and relaxation. Designed for beginners.  Fridays, 10 am.

Fridays 10 am.

Yoga for Healthy Ageing

An introduction to yoga for those 50+. Expect a slow flow class, with plenty of detail on how to do the poses safely. Plus: breath work, stress reduction and meditation. 6-week sessions. Friday, 2 pm.

Friday 2 pm.

Early Bird

Set the tone for your day with a flowing practice to wake up your energy systems and add clarity and calm. Tuesday & Thursday 7 am 

Tuesday & Thursday 7 am.