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Latest update: April 24, 2020


Hi everybody.  As Covid social distancing continues, our group classes are shut down. Here’s an update of what’s on through our virtual studio.

Prenatal Yoga.  A lovely group of expecting mamas meets on Saturday mornings, 10 am in May, led by Yeva. $10 drop in per class.
Iyengar Online, Restorative.  Linda Kusleika hosts this FREE class on Wednesdays at 5:15 pm starting this week and throughout May. Deeply restful.  Sign in early for guidance on creating yoga props at home.
Feng Shui Fridays.  Join Shola Phoenix at noon each week in May to learn the basics of Feng Shui.  During lockdown, transform and renew your space.  This class is also free.

Mindful Mutts.  Dog behaviourist and trainer Vanessa offers tips and ideas to bond with your pooch, keep their mind active, happy and relaxed during lockdown.  Wednesdays 9 am.
Stretch & Strengthen.  A flowing all-levels Hatha class to nourish the body and the soul. Join Phillipa at 5:30 pm Thursdays.
Kids Welcome Yoga.  A quickie practice for kids as well as their parents… everyone’s welcome!  Join Yeva at noon on Wednesdays.

Barre Fitness. Don’t let staying inside wreck your fitness. Barre is an intense physical workout that strengthens and tones your body in ways that few other workouts can.   No complicated gear is necessary – just a kitchen chair with a back that’s about waist high, and a yoga mat or blanket. Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am. $5.

Stretch & Strengthen 5:30 Mondays
Power Vinyasa 4:30 Tuesdays
Yin 5:45 Tuesdays
Calm and Connected 7:15 Tuesdays
Power Vinyasa 4:30 Thursdays
Stretch & Strengthen (free) 7:15 Thursdays

You’ll notice new class prices when you go to purchase new passes.  A drop-in pass is now $10, six are $60.

A deep deep thank you to everyone of you who has continued their practice online.  It’s my hope we can all keep our yoga going especially now when it’s most needed.

If anyone wants to do our classes and can’t afford it, please do not hesitate to call or email, we will help!

Tune in to the peace and strength we carry always: Now is the time for the peace, calm and connection of a yoga practice. 

Once you register for a class, you’ll be sent a link that takes you directly to Zoom.  You don’t need to download Zoom or any special program.

Many of our classes continue at their regular times. They are our attempt to honour the class passes you’ve purchased. Please note that if you decide not to attend a class you’ve registered for, you must cancel your registration at least one hour before the class starts or you will be charged. 

Online Yoga isn’t the same as instruction in person, but we are working hard to add some benefit to this virtual situation. Soon you’ll be able to watch the classes you’ve registered for anytime, so if you miss the live Zoom cast, or there’s another time you’d like to practice, you’re not out of luck.

We’ve had some really great feedback about how this self practice at home can create an even deeper sense of focus, connection, and ‘being yoga’.

If you have any questions at all about your passes or this whole new technical world, please don’t hesitate to call, 250-877-3387 or email

We appreciate your patience as the situation with COVID-19 is evolving quickly. Please check back here or sign up for emails (below) for updates.



Practice yoga at home for great health

by Dr. Timothy McCall

“If you are taking yoga classes but not practicing at home, you may be missing the best—and potentially most therapeutic—part of yoga. Your personal practice is where the deepest work happens, when you go inward and go at your own pace.”—from Yoga As Medicine by Timothy McCall.

This quotation from my book got posted on Facebook the other day and generated quite a bit of interest. But not everyone, particularly those who only take classes, agrees with the statement. A woman came up to me at a yoga conference earlier this year to say she’d heard me make a similar comment at a workshop I taught in Los Angeles a few years ago, and it made her really angry. It’s easy to understand that reaction when your experience in class has been so positive, and even healing.

But now scientific research seems to back up the notion that a regular home practice really is the key to health and well-being, perhaps particularly so as we get older. A study recently published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine by researchers at the University of Maryland and the National Institutes of Health found that, among more than 1000 practitioners of Iyengar yoga, the frequency of home practice predicted positive health more than how long you’ve been practicing or how many classes you attend per week. According to the article Frequency of yoga practice predicts health: results of a national survey of yoga practitioners:

“Frequency of home practice favourably predicted (p < .001): mindfulness, subjective well-being, BMI, fruit and vegetable consumption, vegetarian status, sleep, and fatigue.” 

In other words, those who practiced at home the most reported better health and well-being, greater awareness of themselves and others, improved sleep, less fatigue, and healthier body weight. They were even more likely to eat their vegetables! 

The study bore out something else I’ve been teaching for years: when you combine the various tools in the yoga toolbox including asana, breathing practices, meditation and even study of yoga philosophy you tend to get even better results. As the authors put it, “an intense practice involving all aspects of yoga practice may be more beneficial to health than a less intense practice that includes only one or two aspects of yoga practice, such as just practicing the physical poses or breath work.”

There also appeared to be additional benefits for combining different types of asana practices, such as standing poses, vigorous practices like Sun Salutations, restorative poses including Savasana, and inversions like Shoulderstand. Different practices appeared to be particularly beneficial for specific conditions. Vigorous asana and inversions seemed to help the most with insomnia and body weight, whereas, according to the authors, “because breath work and meditation appear to influence mindfulness and well-being, they may be particularly useful in treating conditions such as depression and anxiety.”

One finding that may be of particular interest to readers of this blog has to do with fatigue. Overall, older practitioners had less fatigue than younger practitioners, but both groups improved when they did yoga. But it appears to take less practice for older practitioners to experience improvements in energy.

As for the woman who was mad at me for saying that a home practice was more important than going to classes, she went on to say that, almost despite herself, she did try doing her yoga at home. Now she does it regularly and believes it’s the most important part of her practice. She thanked me profusely, though of course most of all she can thank herself!

(This article, and many more on developing a home yoga practice, can be found at  Yoga for Healthy Aging)





New studio policies 

In the event that studio classes do resume, please be aware of new studio policies in light of concerns about community transmission of the virus:

Please do not come to class if you have a cough or fever, or if you have recently been sick.

Wash your hands as soon as you get to the studio.

At the studio, we are immediately:

  • creating a hand sanitizing station
  • doing a deep cleanse of the studio
  • washing surfaces and floors between classes with hospital-grade cleaning products.

Mats will no longer be provided.

Please bring your own mat, and yoga props like blocks, straps, bolsters, or blankets. We are expecting an order of new mats for those who would like to purchase one and will be immediately offering gently used mats for sale at a reduced rate.


Wipe down your mat and props after each use.

Within the next week we will be monitoring if we need to:

  • reduce class sizes 
  • create online class options.

Please check the schedule before coming to class. We always recommend registering in advance so we can inform you of class changes or cancellations. This is especially important during this uncertain time. 

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation! We’ll be doing our best to provide a number of options for maintaining your wellness practice.

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